Foods to Lower Blood Pressure


When it comes to blood pressure, we often forget that certain foods that we eat can actually combat this condition.  Look to the following food tips to lower your blood pressure:

1) Reduce your Sodium Intake.  This is still number one.  As much as possible, try to cook and eat fresh food whenever possible.  Sodium tends to hide in packaged, frozen and restaurant food.

2) Eat your Garnish. Parsley is often overlooked as a decoration on your plate, but munching on this Garnish can actually lower your your blood pressure.  Parsley grows easily inside as an herb garden.  Consider growing some and adding it to your dishes today.

3) Ramp up the Arugula. Arugula has one of the highest amount of nitrates as a leafy green.  Nitrates are converted to nitric oxide in the body which naturally dilates your blood vessels.

4) Bites of Dark Chocolate. Chocolate that is 70% cacao content or higher is rich in flavonoids.  1oz a day is all you need to get the benefit of reducing blood pressure

5) Sweet Potatoes. Foods rich in potassium help to lower blood pressure.  While most people reach for bananas, sweet potatoes are another source rich in potassium to boost your diet.

Diet can be such a powerful tool for health.  Most of us fall into “eating” habits.  When we are busy is can be easier to reach for the same foods.  Challenge yourself to try different food choices and different food places to expand your palate and your health.

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Dr Sharyl Truty MD


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