Sedera Health

We’re excited to announce that our members can now join Sedera’s medical cost sharing community at extremely affordable monthly costs through Balanced Physician Care.

Sedera Health is an innovative non-insurance approach to healthcare that pairs perfectly with your Balanced Physician Care membership. Your primary care doctor is your central hub for care and Sedera is there when medical needs become extensive and expensive. By participating in a medical cost sharing community, members of Sedera are able to receive high-end quality care at anywhere from 30-50% in savings over traditional insurance.  Sedera has plans starting at $99 per month for our members.  Once you join Sedera, you'll receive one bundle rate each month (Balanced Physician Care Membership Monthly Rate + Sedera Monthly Contribution).

If you are interested in learning more, visit To sign up, call the office at 904-930-4774 or schedule an appointment.

All the best in health,

Darren Truty

Membership Director


Sedera Member Contributions

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