With Self Pay, You're in Control

Suffering from an illness or injury ?

Don't have health insurance or can't get in to see your doctor?

We can help offer relief for the flu, sprains, cuts, and many of life's common mishaps. 

Layer 3


20 minute Exam

1 Minor Problem

Prescription Care

Discounted Labs


30 minute Exam

1 Standard Problem

Prescription Care

Discounted Labs


45 minute Exam

2-3 Standard or 1 Complex Problem

Prescription Care

Discounted Labs


Purple Platinum

60 Minute Exam

Basic Set of Wellness Labs Included:

CBC (blood count) , CMP (complete metabolic panel), Lipid Panel (cholesterol), & TSH/Free T4 (thyroid). EKG (heart)

Prescription Care

  • Lifestyle snapshot
  • Physical history and meta-stressors evaluation
  • Review of previous lab history
  • Personalized recommendations for food intake, supplements, movement, etc.
  • Suggestions for supporting wellness

Purple Platinum Package - 370

School or Sports Physical

School or Sports Physical - $42 per child 

School & Sports Physical - $69 per child 

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  • Level pricing only applies if full payment is collected at time of service
  • Levels do not include vaccinations / immunizations