Fortune 500 Health Benefits

Built for Small Businesses

For small businesses and their employees, health benefits can be a staggering expense that grows higher every year.
And even though you keep paying more, most benefit plans are offering less benefits.
Fortune 500 companies have the size and resources to manage their healthcare expenses.  They use tools such as onsite Primary Care clinics, patient support services and tailored insurance options.

Now there is a High-Powered Solution built for Small Businesses!
We partnered with IdealMD, an innovative solutions company that delivers small business programs based upon proven tools used by the Fortune 500.

IdealMD’s complete solutions empower small employers to control health benefits costs, while providing Five-Star Primary Care that saves employees time and money as well.
If your company employs 5-300 people, you are in the sweet spot for IdealMD’s solutions.  Give IdealMD a call to schedule a FREE no obligation analysis to see if your business can save money, while taking advantage of better health benefits.

Learn More:
844-IDEALMD (433-2563)

All my best,
Sharly Truty, MD

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