Cold & Flu Bug, Be Gone

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Most of us enjoy the seasonal change at this time of year.

What most of us don’t appreciate is that our bodies also go through change, adjusting to the outside around us. Often times this can make us vulnerable to catching a cold virus or a flu virus.

There are some common, natural herbals that have solid medical studies behind them and are easily available at any your local stores.

1)  Umcka –  Umcka is a popular brand name for a herbal preparation that has pelargonium.  Pelargonium is an herb that has great medical evidence for reducing the length and severity of symptoms of cold, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and pharyngitis. 

2) Pump up the ‘Z” – Several studies demonstrate a decrease in the duration with Zinc supplementation, but the question remains what form of Zinc is best.  While this is still being debated, it seems best to continue to recommend zinc supplements be taken every 2-3 hours while awake for 2-3 days as the best way to get zinc ‘rev-up” the immune system.

3) Sambuca (Isn’t that a type of drink?) – Yes.  There is a Sambuca liquor that is derived from Elderberry, but there is also a cough syrup preparation, Sambucol, that is derived from Elderberry.  This has some great evidence that shows it is very effective against the flu. Take 1 tablespoon or gummy chew once a day during flu season (Dec-March) for prevention.   At the onset of symtpoms withing the first 2 days, start taking 1 dose three times a  day for 3-4 days.  We offer a brand called Natranix Proprietary Blend which has been formulated for maximum effectiveness by Orthomolecular.

4) Start the Saline – While in northeast Florida, we live in a climate with natural humidity, direct rising of the nasal passages can help to clear out mucous that can clog the nose and make clearing sinus passages difficult.  Using a saline rinse such a NeliMed bottle puts your head a posture that is best to rinse the nose without residual water accumulating in Eustachian tubes.

5) Echinacea – This herb that most people know about, but what they don’t realize is that how the herb is prepared impacts how effective it.  There is controversy at how well in may work and this lies in the fact that not all studies use the same type of Echinacea or prepare it the same way.  E. Purpurea seems to be the most effective.  Good products include Echinacea Plus tea (Tradional medicinals) EchinaGuard, and Echinaforce.  At Balanced Physician Care, we sell a special brand called Imu-Max Proprietary Blend made by Orthomolecular which has been formulated for maximum effectiveness.

6) Breath Easy Tea – Another gem I have found easily available is Breath Easy tea by Tradional Medicinals known for providing good quality ingredients. It contains eucalyptus which is a natural herbal that can be used

On a final note, when you start to feel under the weather a little self-care goes a long way.   Give yourself permission to sleep a little more.  Wash your hands often – soap and water is still the best.   Incorporate more low sodium soups in your diet to boost up the vegetables and immune boosting nutrients they provide.  Drink a little extra green tea or white tea throughout the day, even add a little local honey to make a more powerful potion (honey has natural anti-inflammatory properties).  Maybe, even consider a little meditation.  Give these tips a try and it won’t be long before your cold or flu bug takes a hike . 


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Sharyl Truty

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