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Fantastic Fungi


I remember disliking mushrooms as a kid, I would go out of my way to pick them out of any food that I ate.  As I grew to an adult, I grew to like them more.   As an integrative doctor, I am absolutely in love with Asian medical mushrooms.  The medical benefits of these little fungi are impressive and for any of those still harboring a strong mushroom a dislike, worth rethinking.

Asian Mushrooms for Thyroid. 

One of the least known facts is that mushrooms can help thyroid disorders.  While the exact way this is done is still unknown, from observation, Asian mushroom extracts have the ability to normalize the thyroid hormones in the body.  Regardless, if you have a high thyroid disorder or a low thyroid disorder, the edible Asian mushrooms may help decrease your need for medication.  Most often increasing shitake and maitake mushrooms in your diet can be helpful.

Asian Mushrooms for Cancer Prevention. 

Immune cells in our body have receptors for mushroom compounds. In particular:

1)  Maitake mushrooms have shown promise in fighting prostate cancer and breast cancer. 

2) Chaga Mushroom extract has shown to have activity against cancers of neuroectodermal orgin: melanoma, neuroblastoma, leukemia and ovarian cancer

3) Reishi mushroom extract has shown to have activity against colon, bladder, breast and prostate cancer.

Asian Mushrooms for Memory and Mood

A mushroom called Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) has shown promise in improving memory while the supplement is taken.  This does seem to reverse when the extract is stopped.  However, there is also promise in this mushroom showing promise in decreasing anxiety and improving mood and concentration.

Remember not all mushrooms are edible and some can contain toxic compounds, so be sure to purchase extracts that have a high quality and purity.  Furthermore, for those edible mushrooms like Shitake and Maitake be sure to always cook them before you eat them for this same reason. 

Optimize Your Health, Simplify Your Life,

Dr Sharyl Truty, MD

Sharyl and Andy Weil

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Mushrooming Immunity and Mental Clarity – Lisa Alschuler, ND, FABNO
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Doctor/Patient Relationship


The patient/doctor relationship, it’s what healthcare is all about. It’s the path in which data are gathered, diagnoses are made, treatments are discussed, and healing begins.

For many years, doctors have recognized that the well being of their patients depends upon effective communication between themselves and the patient.

Today, effective communication plays an even greater role, especially when most of us are self-diagnosing our ailments using the latest web post or some blog post 😉

You have a say in your healthcare decisions!

When you are actively involved in the decision making process, you get the combination of your doctor’s expert medical knowledge and your right to be fully informed of all treatment options, including potential side effects, success rates, harms and benefits.

This provides you with the information and support you need to make the best healthcare decisions for yourself.

A good relationship benefits everyone. A relationship built on mutual respect, knowledge, trusts, shared values, and perspectives about disease and life allows for better quality and better transfer of information regarding your disease or illness.

To help build or enhance a strong relationship with your doctor, you should:

  • Bring medical problems to the attention your doctor in a timely fashion
  • Provide all relevant information about your medical condition
  • Work with your doctor in a mutually respectful way

And remember you have the right:

  • You have the right to information regarding the benefits, risks, and costs of treatments
  • You can accept or refuse any treatments recommended by your doctor
  • You deserve courtesy, respect, dignity, responsiveness, and timely attention to your needs
  • Confidentiality
  • You have the right to continuous healthcare as long as further treatment is medically needed

We all know there are A lot of medical choices out there, but on the same note it can be difficult to find a doctor that you can build a quality, healthy, healthcare relationship with. Here are some suggestions to help in your search. Is your doctor willing to:

  • Sit down with you and give you the time needed to adequately discuss your medical issues
  • Develop an understanding of you as an individual, not as a disease or a medical condition
  • Show you empathy and respect
  • Listen attentively and create a partnership
  • Elicit your concerns and fears about your disease or condition
  • Answer questions honestly
  • Inform and educate you about treatment options and the course of care
  • Involve you in decisions concerning your medical care

Healthcare seems to be getting more rushed, more high-tech, and less personable all the time. The practice of sitting down with your doctor, and honestly and respectfully discussing your disease, condition, or concerns cannot be replaced.  I have great news...

That's what you get with a Balanced Physician Care Membership!

The true benefits of personal healthcare will always continue to cultivate therapeutic benefits that are commonly believed to improve the patient’s experience.


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Science of Detox


What exactly is “detox?”  Is this something you should do? 

According to a 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, Americans are carrying in their body over 219 toxic chemicals at any given time. Fatigue, irritability, joint pain and brain fog symptoms can be a result of an increased toxic burden. A detoxification program is a great way to clear your body of toxins to prevent disease, improve metabolism, lose weight and improve mental clarity.  (more…)


Health for the Holidays

Do you have someone on your list that you just do not know what to get?  What would be something unique?  Often most of us are so busy throughout the year that receiving a gift that reminds us to take care of ourselves can be the most valuable.


5 Holiday Health Gifts Ideas from Balanced Physician Care 

1) Vitamin Vitality - From my perspective the 4 most important supplements are a quality multivitamin, fish oil supplement, a probiotic and melatonin.  These four make up the core pillars of support for an anti-inflammatory and functional medicine lifestyle.  Quality is key when it comes to these four.  While many can be found in local stores often the quality or composition combination is poor and does not support the body. 

2) Acupuncture Restoration - Many people are often hesitant to try acupuncture, but once they do they can feel the amazing energy and support it provides the body.  Even if there isn't a specific health issue, acupuncture can be a powerful tool for not only detoxing the body, but the mind as well. 

3) Integrative or Functional Medicine Consultation - How may different diet theories have your read about in magazines?  How many different supplements or nutrition shakes do you take?  Do you get confused on what you are ordering it from Amazon?  Spending just an hour in person or on the phone with an expert in holistic medicine such as Dr. Truty, MD can help to focus you or your loved one's health goals for the new year.

4) Herbal Relaxation - There are a variety of herbs that can take the edge off of our stress.  The formulations created by our supplement supplier, Orthomolecular, are the highest quality products.  Often people do not feel herbals work for their anxiety, but this is because they have 't been a formula that fits them personally or that has a high quality standard.  Our Bontanicalm, Cerenity and Adapten-All formulations can add much needed support during stressful times.

5) Health Care for an Entire Year - Does this seem a little far fetched?  Well for a little less than $1500 your could provide someone with 80% of the health care that they need for an entire year.  In a time of health care uncertainty wouldn't it be nice to have peace of mind in 2018 without all the hassle?  Our Direct Primary Care Membership does just that.

Over the next few days before Christmas, Balanced Physician Care is running its 12 Days of Christmas Special.  Each day we feature a unique product of health from our practice available for purchase for a discount.  Join our mailing list, check out our website or call us (904.930.4774) for the special of the day.  GIve a unique gift this year to your friends and loved ones.  Give the gift of health and vitality.


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