Direct Primary Care for your Children

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Giving Mothers the Gift of Time.

Mother's Day is around the corner this week.  Direct Primary Care membership can be a huge help for all types of mothers.  Whether you are a working mother looking to balance a career and your newborn or are a stay at home mother with your third or fourth child on the way Direct Primary Care can help take a few things off your plate, make your life simpler, and give you the gift of time.  At Balanced Physician Care, Dr. Sharyl Truty, your physician, becomes a direct partner by providing a hands on, personal resource you can tap into at anytime.

A Hands-on Resource at Any Time

For parents with a newborn, life can be pretty intense those first few weeks of life.  Even if the birth of your newborn child went smoothly or even if you are an experienced parent, new challenges always arise seeming to test our understanding of how to care for and protect this new life.  While our own mothers can be a great resource for helping us navigate new waters sometimes they are not always up on the latest medical understandings.   Sometimes the issues can be simple, but immediate and who wants to wait for the next wellness visit to get your questions answered?  If is is more complicated, who wants to go scrambling to a crowded emergency room and waiting hours with an unhappy infant?  By having a Direct Primary Care membership at Balanced Physician Care, if an issue comes up at 5pm on Friday evening with your newborn or young toddler, you call you doctor directly for answers.  You get direct contact with your physician and immediate peace of mind.

More Time for You, Less Time in the Waiting Room

For some parents, long waits in the waiting room to see your physician can be difficult.  If you are a working mother, needing to be at work you often have to rely on others to do the task of helping you take your child to well visits.  If you have several children, you can feel like you live at the doctor's office.  With a Direct Primary Care membership, you are seen if the office right away and unnecessary visits are minimized giving you more time to spend enjoying playful and learning activities with you children rather than long hours in a waiting room.  If you have a child with a chronic disease such as asthma, eczema or attention deficit disorder, visits such as these can add-up.

Sound Holistic Advice from a Trusted Source

Holistic care can be very important to some mothers.  Even if a child is very healthy, issues do arise from the inevitable cold and flu season to dealing with picky eaters. At Balanced Physician Care, our membership allows Dr. Sharyl Truty the time to spend counseling mothers on holistic options from dietary advice to natural herbals that are safe in children.  For children who are struggling with chronic diseases, often answers cannot only be found in conventional medicine, having a physician you can trust for advice on what holistic options make the most sense for the personality of your child can be invaluable.

At Balanced Physician Care, our goal is to optimize the health of your child and simplify your life.  Let us help to create a wellness plan for your child that goes beyond wellness checks and immunizations.  A Direct Primary Care membership works as a compliment to health insurance as is designed to provide very personalized, quality care.  Let Balanced Physician Care, give you the gift of time this Mother's Day.

Wishing all mothers this upcoming Sunday, a very special and Happy Mother's Day.

Dr Sharyl Truty MD


Sharyl Truty

Dr Sharyl Truty has been in practice as both a board-certified family medicine and a board-certified sports medicine physician for over 13 years. She completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, by Dr. Andrew Weil. For more information on Balanced Physician Care and its Direct Primary Care membership plan visit