Do You File Insurance When You Change Your Car’s Oil?

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The Case for Direct Primary Care

By Shawn Fox, Co-founder IdealMD

Of course, you don’t.  Car insurance is typically for catastrophes, covering injuries and property damage in the horrible case of an accident.

It’s not for gas, oil changes, tire rotations, or windshield wiper replacements; these are routine maintenance items – can you imagine if auto insurance covered these, it’d be really complicated and expensive.

Unlike auto insurance, we use health insurance for everything: routine, preventive and emergency care – no need to imagine, you know how expensive and complicated these plans are.

And when insurance claims are filed for every little thing, insurance premiums rise. So, the only logical way to decrease insurance premiums is to reduce the frequency of claims filed.

IdealMD Can Help

To reduce frequency of claims, our solution divides healthcare needs into those healthcare services which are used often, and those which are used rarely.

Primary care, with its routine physicals, acute care, chronic condition management, refills, and lab orders fall into 80-90 percent of services that are used most.

And when used in a Direct Primary Care setting,  the majority of healthcare is included as part of the membership, so filing an insurance claim is no longer required.  Also Direct Primary Care, caps the cost into an affordable, manageable, flat monthly fee.

That means 10 to 20 percent of care is for those rare catastrophic occurrences that are really expensive and should be covered by insurance.  As a result, insurance use (and cost) is minimized.

So, if you separate the emergency stuff from the routine, suddenly healthcare becomes more affordable.

Employers are using Direct Primary Care to lower healthcare costs

Business owners are smart, and given some time, they can figure most things out – that goes for healthcare too.

Across the country, many forward-thinking CEOs and business owners have discovered that Direct Primary Care returns control back to them and returns wasted healthcare dollars back to their bottom line.

They realize by using the car insurance approach to healthcare, the can use a high-deductible plan for major healthcare issues (Accidents, hospitalization, cancers etc.) and use a direct primary care plan for all the regular routine stuff and save money on their healthcare spend at the same time.

It’s the way healthcare should be.

To your Health,

Shawn Fox

IdealMD provides direct primary care programs to small businesses, allowing them to gain control of costs and provide a wellness-driven primary care solution to healthcare.
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