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The beginning of the year marks a shift and a time for change. A time to focus on establishing new behaviors that will help meet goals in the year ahead. When it comes to our health, the new year is a great time for renewal and reflection.

What is health? If you are free from a medical illness or have no new injuries, then you are “healthy,” correct? Perhaps, if all of your medical screening tests and annual physical are normal, then you can be assured you are healthy. Or maybe, if you also eat right and are fit and trim, then you can say you are truly healthy. Are these definitions accurate or does it limit our true potential?

For most integrative medicine physicians, these definitions fall short. Defining health based solely on the absence disease falls short of optimal wellness. For an integrative medicine physician, it is the definition of health that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors which make an individual whole and lead to optimal health. It is this approach that is at the core of what an integrative medicine physician does. To paraphrase the National Institute of Health, the definition of integrative medicine is a physician who incorporates complementary and alternative approaches into mainstream health care. With a focus on all aspects of care from prevention to treatment and recovery, the integrative medicine physician offers a unique view of health across a full spectrum of care.

Ready to aim for optimum wellness?  Before you turn to the internet, listen to late-night infomercials or try to apply the general advice given to you by a “TV Doctor” aiming for a wide audience, consider getting a specific plan that is right and personalized to you.  Talk a local Integrative Medicine physician or  Give us a call at Balanced Physician Care, 904-930-4774.  Make the choice to take responsibility for your health.